How do you feel when you enter your home?  Does it welcome you and give you peace at the end of a long hard day?  Do you feel content and inspired, or does it make you want to turn around and walk right back out the front door?  Everyone deserves to have one place that they can call their sanctuary, that gives us relief from all of our daily struggles.

Feng Shui

Where you live can really influence your overall well being.  A home that is too empty or impersonal can make you feel detached or flighty, while a home that is messy and cluttered can make you feel distracted and overwhelmed.

This also applies to your focus and subconscious mind throughout the day as well.  For instance, when you surround yourself with happy uplifting colors or pictures, you’re likely to carry those feelings with you as you go about your everyday life.

If you’re into things like feng shui or the law of attraction, you probably already have a pretty good grasp on this concept already.  If you haven’t and you want to learn a little more, you can Click Here to check out the page I have on feng shui and some of its basic key principles.

You can also find some easy tips on how to incorporate this into individual rooms throughout the house.  Learn how to use feng shui in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and outside.

Shopping Online

When you’re looking for the perfect accessary or piece of furniture at the absolute lowest price, your best bet is hopping online to shop and compare prices.  There are a TON of home decor online shopping sites on the web, which can be convenient, but also a little overwhelming.

To make things easier, I’ve listed a wide range of decor websites along with short descriptions and reviews as well as some pictures so you can easily find what you’re looking for whether it be modern furniture, vintage pieces, home department stores, or accessaries and artwork.

Shop Online now to browse a variety of home decor sites and stores!

For Those of Us on a Budget

A lot of us would probably love to decorate more or improve the look and feel of our home if we had more room in our budget to do so.  For those of you looking to spruce up the place for less, check out the Do It Yourself page to see some great ideas that you can try for no or very little cost.

You can also browse sales and reviews on trusted home decor shopping sites on the Latest Deals! page.

What IS Your Home Saying About You?

Your home should be a reflection not only of yourself but who you want to be.  I also have some cool designing tips that include How to Make Your Home Your Own, that you can check out, as well as other Basic Designer Tips on key rooms in the house like your kitchen, bedroom, and home office.