1016526_539838852741505_1321918110_nHi everyone! My name is Cheyenne and I have a love for all things tasteful, chic, relaxing, and just classy.  I created this site for those of you who are moving into your new home, want to spice up your current home, or simply like to redecorate.

When I was young my mother was the one who watched designer TV shows all the time and needless to say I picked up a lot of tips from her. I’ve recently moved into a new place and bought all new furniture, and although I’ve always preferred to go out and buy whatever I wanted in the stores, in this day and age the best deals are one the internet.

I spent hours surfing the web trying to find the best couches, dressers, TV stands, rugs ect. ect. going to all kinds of different websites to find the best prices.

So I want to try and help some of you by bringing you top brands and the best deals to eliminate some of the hassle. Along with designing tips, reviews, and easy do it yourself ideas, so you can easily have a luxury home.

Your home says a lot about you. Besides the impressions it gives others, where you spend all of your time can greatly influence your mood and state of mind. Just like when your home is messy and cluttered, you may feel unorganized or distracted. I believe that where you live should be your sanctuary.  I, personally, like to fill my home with fountains, candles, books and fresh flowers.  Let your home fill you with peace, happiness and have you ready to take on the day.