This is your retreat, your safe haven, and where you spend a third of your life. How you start your day can greatly influence how the rest of your day goes. We all know you can sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Design a room that makes that impossible, so that you wake up refreshed, content, and ready for the day.

Your Bed

Since you do spend a third of your life asleep, a good mattress is one of the best, if not the best investment you can make. Even if you’re on a budget I highly suggest making room for a quality mattress. It will not only enhance the beginning and end of your day, but is also better for your health.

Quilt or Duvet

This usually comes down to price preference. You can find a nice quilt or bed set (blanket, 2 euro pillow cases, 2 standard pillow cases, a bed skirt and one or two decretive pillows) for as little as 80 bucks, but you’re not going to want to just throw it in the washer or it could easily get torn up.

Duvet’s on the other hand are sold separately a lot of the times, and the duvet itself is a cover that goes over a comforter, so you’ll have to purchase that separately as well.  That being said, if comfort and luxury is what you’re looking for, then this really is the way to go.  Plus, you can wash the duvet and comforter easier than a regular quilt/blanket without worrying about them getting ruined.


Pile on the pillows to give your room a comfortable feel and don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors, styles, and patterns.  Use pillows to throw in an accent color incorporate a particular theme in the room.



Soft pastels are great if you want a room that’s peaceful and calming. Shades of brown and woody colors also work well in the bedroom because they are said to be grounding colors.

Red is probably one of the best colors you can use because it is strong, romantic, and passionate. Because red can be a bit overwhelming try using it as an accent color, like a red throw blanket or pillow.



Avoid using bright lights directly over the bed as this can create a level of high energy and this is the place you ant to have the most tranquility. Designers strongly advise against placing your bed against a window. You want to allow ask much natural light in as possible, and when it’s dark you want to use soft lighting to really give your room that calming effect.

Inspirational Artwork

While it’s always nice to have pictures of our loved ones around, but try not to have to many eyes staring at you when you sleep so you get get the feeling of being watched. Find art that inspires you an gives you the kinds of thoughts and emotions you want to have when you start off your day.

Wall Decals & Sayings

There are loads of different decals and sayings that you can choose to put on your bedroom walls or above your bed.  Simple trees in either black,  light gray or beige are very popular and are a very elegant choice.

If you want to put up some sort of saying, just make sure to choose something that will make you feel happy, content, peaceful, loving and grateful.  Or something you always want to be reminded of like “Life is Good” or “Your’e Awesome”.  Anything that puts you into a positive state of mind is a good idea to put in your bedroom.  Nice soft letters or cursive is best to maintain a relaxed feel in the bedroom.

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