Water and Drains Let Energy Escape

Feng shui was created over 6000 years ago, and because back then everyone was still using outhouses, it wasn’t originally established with the bathrooms we have nowadays in mind. Because of this and the fact that they contain several drains, bathrooms haven’t always had the best rep with feng shui.

Although the bathroom is an important room for cleansing, relieving and refreshing the body, throughout the day all the drains can let energy escape. This is also said to bring financial loss.

Since having drains in at least one sink, a toilet and a tub and/or shower is unavoidable, try to keep them closed or covered when you’re not using them and keep the toilet lid down so that you keep the flow of chi in your home. You can also protect the energy flow of your home simply by keeping the bathroom doors closed.

Add the Earth Element

Another way to protect positive energy and prevent money from going down the drain, is by adding the earth element. This is because earth is stronger than water and creates balance by adding stability. While all of the other elements, water, wind, and fire are always moving, the earth element creates a strong grounding sensation.

Bring the earth element into your bathroom by using wood, or rocks, as shown above, or by incorporating earthy tones like brown, light yellow, beige, and other sandy colors.

Remember All The Elements

Get the most out of your bathroom by using plants to bring in fresh air, and candles to bring in the fire element which will leave you feeling passionate and empowered.

The bathroom is the best place to give yourself a clean slate and wash away negative energy and emotions. By using all the elements correctly you can leave the room not only feeling refreshed, but calm, stable and empowered.


Mirrors represent the water element, and since it is used heavily in this room already, it’s better to go with smaller mirrors. Feng shui experts say to try to go with smaller, rounder mirrors and avoid sharp corners that can create a “poison arrow” and send negative energy toward you.

Having mirror on the outside of the bathroom door however, is good because it directs energy away from the bathroom and the drains so that it does not escape.

Make sure if you do this that you don’t have a bathroom that you see from the entry way of the house because don’t want to see yourself when you walk in the front door. Mirrors that can be seen from the front door aren’t the best choice simply because they reflect you, and whatever’s behind you ,back to yourself instead of inviting you into the home.

Make Sure I’ts Spotless

Just like you want to keep all rooms of the house clean, the bathroom has obvious reasons why it should be one of, if not the cleanest room in the house. This is where you clean yourself, and really how clean do you feel in a bathroom that’s not?