Modern luxury home bedroom.

Energy Flow

Optimize the energy flow in your bedroom by using an open concept bed frame so the energy can easily pass underneath the bed.

When choosing bedroom furniture, while I preferably like straight edges, in feng shui you always want to avoid the “poison arrow”, so it’s better to use round nightstands to create a better and smoother overall flow of the room.

You want to also be careful when using mirrors, while they’re ok to have in the room, mirrors pointed directly at the bed can reflect negative energy back to you.

Water In The Bedroom Is A Big Feng Shui No-No

Almost any feng shui expert will tell you that, while water colors, fixtures, and paintings are good to have throughout the house to bring good wealth and prosperity, you absolutely should not use them in the bedroom.

One reason is because water is always moving, it can cause you to overthink or feel awake, unsettled, worried, and is even said to bring about financial loss.

Another thing to consider is that¬†water overpowers fire and because of this, too much of it will “cool down” the passion in your romantic relationship.

Using Correct Bed Placement And A Solid Headboard

It’s best to have the bed positioned as far from the door as possible, and against a solid wall. This provides stability so when you’re sleeping you have a solid backing and your energy does not escape, this goes for the headboard as well.

By using a solid headboard you ensure that your head has a supportive base behind it to help you feel grounded.


Allow your mind to be free of distractions. This means if you can, leave your computer, paperwork, and other work related things out of the room. Books are ok to have but avoid having too many or it could make you feel like you have a lot to do.

If you can’t help it or have no where else to put it, then put up a shade or room divider to hide your desk and work related things from your bed so you don’t mix work and sleep.


Room for Two?

If your single and you’re looking to get into a relationship, you can help the process along by setting up your room accordingly. To create feng shui bedroom romance, you want to begin by setting up the room as if your partner were already living there.

This means having two nightstands, some space cleared out of the closet, and even considering a comforter or duvet that isn’t too masculine or too feminine. Try to incorporate the color red to bring in the feel of romance and use candles to create passion in the room.

Don’t keep any lonely pictures in the bedroom. It is better to not have anything like this in the house at all, but especially in your room. That picture of the woman by herself (however tasteful and artistic) is only going to reinforce the feeling of being alone.

Lighting And Curtains

It’s a good idea to have heavy curtains so that you can greet the sun in the morning, but close yourself up when you go to sleep. Curtains help to make your room feel like a cocoon.

Use soft lighting, especially at night to keep the energy level low. If you need a good light to read, i would suggest either a book light or a small table lamp with adjustable brightness, on your nightstand.

Entice Your Senses

Bring in things to the bedroom that appeal to your seances. Your sense of smell is definitely one of the most important because it it connects to our emotions the strongest. Use oils, incense, or candles to entice your sense of smell.

Gentle lighting is easy on the eyes and play soft music to soothe the soul.

Feng Shui a Small Bedroom

The trickiest part about trying to feng shui a small bedroom is making sure the energy doesn’t get trapped and can still flow properly.

You still want a solid headboard but find something thats not too big and extravagant so it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Use soft pastels instead of dark colors to help the small space seem a little more airy.