Sometimes the best way to give your home that beautiful, personal touch you want is to use the things you may already have laying around your house. Here are some great Ideas you can try in your home for little or no cost to you!




1. This cute yet sophisticated wall decor was made with just some plain white index cards cut into a simple flower shape in two sizes and held on the wall with a clear thumbtack in the middle.





2. Use your own pictures, or what I like to do sometimes, just google the most beautiful/happy kinds of images you can think of to print out, and put them in simple black frames in a cluster. But use your imagination, pictures aren’t the only things you can put in a frame ๐Ÿ™‚






3. How much would you pay for an end table? Probably anywhere from $50-$200+ depending on style. How about grabbing some old books you haven’t read in five years or even never got around to reading. This is not only a cost free solution to a table that is functional and sophisticated, but may also give you some incentive to read those books again!




4. Make your own pillows! This is something you can easily do by sewing a couple pieces of your favorite fabric together. Leave a couple inches open on one side so when your finished sewing you can flip it inside out, use some fluff from your local craft store, sew up the last couple inches and voila! Your own custom pillow.





5. Super glue some ribbons in a random order around one (or more) of your too plainย lamp shades to create something new, fun, and colorful!






6. Create your own note board with a large frame, a sheet of galvanized steel (zinc coated steel), particle board and some fabric you like. Stretch your fabric tight over the steel and particle board and super glue it to the back of the board. Fix it into your frame and use some of the magnets from # 7 to complete the look.





7. All you are going to need for this project is some old jewelry, a pair of needle nose pliers and a little super glue. Simply remove the fixtures, or pins, from the back and use some super glue to attach a magnet. Be sure to use a magnet strong enough to support whatever it is your’e using because some magnets may be too weak to hold a heaving broach or a real clunky piece of jewelry. Put them on your fridge or magnet board and you’ve made use of your old jewelry as well as a work of art.





8. This is a super easy idea that you may have even seen already, but all you need is some paint, paper, a paint brush, and a bottle ๐Ÿ™‚




9. Maximize your existing furniture. Try either re-upholstering your old furniture or finding some slip covers you can change out when you want something new or for different seasons or occasions. Do this along with staining or just re-finishing wood tables or frames, and you can give your space a whole new look without getting rid of a thing!




10. This is just a branch someone found in their yard and used as a curtain rod. I’ve seen people using sticks and branches in their home more frequently even for things like towel racks. While I personally am not too crazy about using them all over my home, I do feel, when used appropriately and sparingly, this can bring a nice down to earthย kind of feeling in your home. And this does happen to be right next to the window.






11. Glue some colored pencils together, tie a ribbon around them, and you have a bright, and unique vase. If you want to fill it with fresh flowers just place a short glass or bottle in the middle and there you go!






12. If you have a chair or ottoman that needs a little extra something, find some upholstery nails and a hammer to give your furniture a nice classy trim.





13. I found a couple different ways to do this next one.

Both of these are sticks from outside fixed around a mirror. The first image is made from thicker sticks or branch pieces glued together around the mirror, while the second may take a few more steps but is still fairly easy to do. You can use some twigs from your backyard (strip the smaller pieces from the sides) and glue the ends together around a small circular mirror. You can choose to dip your twigs in paint before glueing them if you wish but its up to you. It may also be helpful to shave down the sides around the ends of the twigs so they’ll be a little easier to glue and a littler closer together.



ball08aah14. This one can be somewhat controversial but is still worth mentioning nonetheless. Crystals are said to give off certain frequencies, and help balance your mood and enhance certain strengths. Whether you’d like to believe this or not, crystals are still very easy on the eyes and pretty inexpensive.






15. This last one is probably my favorite. Your own make-shift flower pot fountain. I actually saw this idea online. It’s pretty easy to make and all you need are medium and large flower round pots, a cheap plastic pot, a pump, a drill, silicone (or any waterproof sealant), and some rocks.




















Fill your pots with rocks and water and plug her in! ๐Ÿ™‚


I really hope this was helpful and you’ll actually try some of these things at home. There are always all kinds of creative, fun, affordable ways to make your home just a little more cozy, a little more original, and just right for you. Have fun with it, and be sure to add your own touch to whatever you do ๐Ÿ™‚