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Finishing Your Own Basement?

framingpicSo for any of you do it yourself-ers out there thinking about finishing your basement, I found these video tutorials called Basement Finishing University. They were created by Eddie Case, also known as the basement finishing man. He’s appeared on HGTV and you can find him on youtube as well. He’s been finishing and designing basements for 20 years and has completed something like 3,000 basements!

Anyway he’s come up with this brilliant step by step program so that you can do the entire job yourself and forget spending thousands of dollars on a contractor. He covers everything from the very first steps, identifying the obstacles and how to easily overcome them, to all of the materials you’ll need for the entire project, to designing the layout and floor plan.

He teaches you the framework, plumbing, electric, ventilation, drywall, trim, and even how to map out your finishing design and use virtual 3-D imaging to do so. Included in all this is a step by step map so you never put the cart before the horse as he says, some exclusive tips and procedures the pros use to help them finish a basement in WEEKS vs years, a review of how much it all will cost, and a 24/7 support team so you never have to feel like you’ve hit a brick wall.

Eddie has done a fantastic job of making this entire program for beginners with absolutely no construction experience, and one of the best parts is it’s all on video so all you have to do is watch him, and begin to see your new basement unfold before your eyes!

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If you guys want to learn more or are interested you can Click Here! or if anyone has tried it already I’m sure we would all love to hear how it worked out for you. That’s all for now everyone, Good Luck! 🙂

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  1. I just got done with my basement a few weeks ago. I shot a quick YouTube video that you can find here: http://youtu.be/OgVpn4aQKsw

    Hope it makes you proud brother. Thanks for all the help! Keep the videos coming!


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