feng-shui-in-the-home-2The art of feng shui was developed by the Chinese thousands of years ago and, simply stated, is the practice of harmonizing oneself with the surrounding environment. Surround yourself with things that soothe you and make you feel content, at peace, and empowered.

While there are MANY things you can learn about feng shui, here’re a few tips about using this ancient philosophy to help you optimize the flow and overall mood of your home.

Lighting is Key

Utilize as much natural light as possible. When you’re placing lighting inside, try to use focal points in the room to spotlight your best features. Proper lighting is one of the best and easiest ways to create the right balance in your space.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Use or Love

Clear the clutter, clear your mind. Only surround yourself with things that are going to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.


Use bright vibrant colors and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Colors are the best way to bring just the right kind of vibe into your home. Of course different colors are suppose to mean different things:

Red is a passionate color, one of courage and romance.

Blue is calming, peaceful, relaxing.

Yellow is the sunny color, it is happy and nourishing.

Green is a vibrant color, it promotes health, wealth, and growth.

Orange is the social color, it creates an open, optimistic feel.

Purple is the color of royalty and nobility.

Pink is loving, soothing, and gentle.

Gray is a neutral, detached color.

White means new and fresh, it is the color of innocence.

Brown is a grounding color, one of stability and strength.

Black is an absorbing color, it is unknown and infinite.

It is best to try and use all of the colors where you feel it’s most appropriate in your home. For example, since orange is a social color, it is one that works very well in your dining room, whereas red is an excellent color in your bedroom. Figure out how you would like to feel when you enter your home and try to incorporate the according color into the space you enter when you walk in the front door.

Yin and Yang

Yin and yang are ,simply put, two opposing forces that together form a whole. We live in a binary world. 1’s and 0’s, yes and no, up and down, hot and cold, and yin and yang.

In feng shui yin can be thought of as airy, spacious, soft and curvaceous. Where as yang is more like fire, intensity and sharp edges.  Roughly translated, Yin is the shady side, and Yang is the sunny side.

That being said, nothing is absolutely yin or absolutely yang.  This is why the yin-yang symbol has the two contrasting circles on each side.  They can change, just as nature is always changing, and like day transitions to night. There is no solid line or distinction that completely separates the two.


Think of Natural Elements

Feng shui has a lot to do with the earths natural elements. The name itself translates to english as “wind water”. When you’re decorating, try to incorporate things that have to to with fire, water, earth, wood and metal. Simple touches in your home like candles, small fountains, plants and rocks, can really change the feel of your space and calm your mind. Not to mention how you can use these things to entice your other senses. The scent of a candle, or the quiet sound of a fountain alone is enough to soothe, and relax the mind.


Make sure when you arrange your home, the furniture is placed so that it is easy to move around so the space has an open easy flow. You want to have the sofa on the furthest wall from the entrance and if possible try to make sure your focal points are what you first see when you walk in.

Bagua Map

This map is a guide that helps you know where to place certain fixtures and elements in different areas of the house based on your relative direction to the earth.

For instance, North is the direction related closest to your career and life path, and  is associated with the water element.  Therefore placing water fixtures in the north end of your home or living room,  is said to help flow positive energy into that area of your life, in this case your career.

Think of the water as always flowing, just as your life journey.

Plant life is excellent in the East and SouthEast locations in your home because those areas are associated with health and wealth.


Make It Your Own!

Play with different arrangements, accessories, and colors, and most importantly have fun! This is where you spend most of your time and even if it’s not, this is your sanctuary. Your own private piece of the world and in it you should feel peaceful, empowered, grounded and optimistic about the rest of the world around you!

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