Feng Shui Garden Layout

If you have a big backyard, try inclosing a smaller space behind your home with things like bamboo, bushes, or other tall plants.  This is to prevent the energy from escaping.

A popular saying to remember when your beginning to layout your plans for your garden or outside your home is: Water in the front, mountains in the back.

Water in the front of your home (as long as it is indeed flowing toward the house) is said to bring wealth and good positive energy into your home.  Mountains in the back (which can easily be substituted by tall trees or plant life) provides support and privacy.

Open Spaces

Inside the home, designers and feng shui experts suggest having open spaces in almost every room of the house. This is because you’re already inclosed within walls.  However, since the space outside is an open space to begin with, you’ll want to balance out the emptiness of the space instead.

When you begin designing your garden landscaping use open spaces mostly to  connect between your fountain, statue, seating area and other impact areas.


Wind chimes are wonderful for feng shui, especially outdoors.  They’re still a good idea to use inside if your using a light, graceful material like rock crystals.

To maximize the effects of hanging chimes outside, it is suggested that you place your chimes according to material and direction.

For instance, wooden chimes work very well in the East and Southeast, because the main element in these areas is wood, and they have to do with health, wealth, abundance and prosperity.

Metal chimes are great in the West and NorthWest because that is the main element for those areas.  They have to do with creativity, children, and travel and helpful people.

To learn more about feng shui areas, elements and aspects of life you can Click Here to look at a bagua map on my Feng Shui page.


Whether you’re using a solid path or stepping stones, what is important is the way it moves. You want your walkway to and softly curve through your garden.

Rarely in nature do you find straight lines and sharp edges.  Your pathway should weave effortlessly like it’s resembling a flowing river.

Seating Areas

It is always a good idea to have a designated place to sit and rest. It gives you a place to relax, take in the outside, and absorb the positive energy surrounding you. Remember to try and incorporate the proper element into the matching area of the space according to the Bagua.

Ponds and Waterfalls

Water in the  front is the optimal layout for feng shui because running water is said to bring in wealth.  It is best to have running water or a fountain with water running toward the front door so that energy will flow into the home.

In the backyard, you can choose either to create a natural looking pond, or other water features like a fountain or a bird bath.  As long as you remember to keep any running water flowing toward the house. Ponds are wonderful feng shui, especially if you take good care to make sure it stays clean and keep it filled with beautiful, healthy looking plants and fish.

Plant Life

Don’t plant big trees close to the house because they can trap energy from going into the house. However tall trees, mountains, and other tall, sturdy land fixtures, help to keep energy in and around the house as well as provide support.

Almost any kind of plant life is going to have a positive effect on your garden and bring oxygen, energy, and vitality.

However, there are very few types of plants that will not be beneficial to your garden.  These would be anything with thorns, like cactus or thorny flowers and bushes, any kinds of weeds that will kill the rest of your plant life, and definitely anything dead, for example, a dead tree with empty branches.

Other than that, any small trees, bushes, flowers, and bamboo are all some excellent choices. White flowers are great against a lot  of other plant life because they give a light clean look against all the green.