Balanced Elements

Your kitchen is already going to have a strong fire influence from the stove and the oven. The heat and fire in the kitchen is balanced out well by the sink, and if you happen to have, or are planning on installing wood floors, the elements in your kitchen are already a pretty full, and well balanced.

Fire is the main element in the kitchen and creates a strong yang which is why designers always recommend an open concept kitchen, for air and wind bring in the yin. So try and make your kitchen as roomy as you can, but keep the position of the chef’s station in mind.

Cook’s Station

The chef is suppose to “have the floor”. The cook’s station should be in a position of empowerment. A lot of the time the best way to do this is by having an island.

This is where you want to be doing most of your work, whether this is where you have your cooktop, sink, or cutting board, the chef needs to feel in control.

If your in a kitchen where you can’t avoid facing the wall, this would be a good place to use a mirror so you can oversee the rest of the kitchen or house.

Make Sure Everything Is In Good Working Order

Your home is suppose to be a reflection or yourself so you don’t want parts of it that don’t work or are dysfunctional. Make sure the burners and nozzles on your stove are functioning properly, and a leaky sink or refrigerator is never good and said to bring financial loss just like drains in the bathroom or water fixtures in the bedroom, so be careful with things like that.

Not to mention the obvious literal financial loss that comes with wasting water depending on the severity of the leak of course.

Bright, Airy, and Spacious

The kitchen is the most energetic room in the house, so give it lots of room to breathe. Design your kitchen with an open flow and lots of light.

If you’re trying to design a small kitchen, try using mirrors to open up the space and make the room feel bigger.

Avoid Overhead Storage

Try and find somewhere else to store your things is possible. Hanging things overhead, especially heavy or clunky things like pots and pans. That weight always hanging over your head can make you feel cluttered and overwhelmed.

Toss Your Unhealthy Foods

A clean body is just as, if not a lot more important than having a clean house. You don’t want to have a clean, lively, functional, and fashionable kitchen, and be cooking or making unhealthy foods in it.  You want to eat food that will make you feel as clean, lively, and functional as your kitchen.

Get rid of the junk food to make your kitchen as clean and healthy as it looks.

Plants and Fresh Flowers

Plants and flowers also make your kitchen feel lively and healthier by providing fresh air. Our homes actually contain many toxins in the air and plants can naturally filter most of those out for us giving us clean air to breathe.

Hide The Trash

Energy flows where attention goes. You don’t want the first thing you notice when you enter your kitchen is the smell and sight of the trash, simply because you don’t want your attention or your energy going into the trash.

Hide the trash under the sink or in a cupboard and keep your kitchen looking and smelling fresh.