The living room is the central and main focus of your home, it is also the place for family and opportunity, so you want to make sure that energy can flow freely through the space.

Create an open flow design that is easy to move around and be sure to get rid of any junk and keep the room free of clutter.

Room Size And Shape

When it comes to feng shui and living room shape and size, it seems that simple and average are really the best way to go. Energy flows best in a room that has a regular shape, and one that’s not too big or too small.

A room that’s too small can cause energy to become crowded or blocked.  You need enough room for the energy to flow freely, but not so much so that it doesn’t know where to go.

Furniture Placement

Just the way the bed should be against a solid wall in front of a solid headboard, this also goes for the main sofa in your living room. Ideally, you want your main sofa against a solid wall, for stability, and overseeing the living room and main entrance so you don’t miss any opportunities.

Avoid having too many pieces of furniture in a small space, as this will contradict your open flow layout and create more obstacles for you.

While all your furniture does not have to be on a solid wall like your main sofa, if you have too many pieces of furniture without any walls for support, or have an arrangement that’s kind of just floating, this can cause you to be more unstable.

Fountains and Aquariums

Aquariums are said to bring health, wealth and abundance. They add life to a room and can even regenerate stagnant energy in a space. It’s important when decorating with feng shui, that you consider proper placement and remember to intend on always keeping it clean because an aquarium that’s dirty will counteractively bring poor health and financial loss.

The aquarium is a wonderful thing to incorporate into the design of your home because it can represent all of the different elements.


Fire – Aquarium lights and/or the colors of the fish

Wood – Aquarium plants

Earth – Rocks or gravel

Metal – The aquarium itself

If you want to follow the trditional way to set up your aquarium for feng shui success, fill it with 8 gold fish to represent yang and one black fish to add some yin.

The best places to keep the tank is Northeast, East, and Southeast. These locations represent different parts, or aspects of your life (you can learn more about this by looking at a bagua map, you can Click Here to view a simple one I have up on the Feng Shui page).

The Southeast represents Wealth, the East, health and the Northeast, wisdom and spirituality.

Adding an aquarium to any of the locations of the house are going to have different benefits, as long as you make sure to keep tanks and other water fixtures out of certain rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and especially the bedroom, as this can actually have a negative effect and is considered bad feng shui.

Avoid Negative Energy

Corner couches create a “poison arrow”, which should always be avoided when using feng shui. Poison arrows can direct sharp or negative energy toward you.

These can be avoided by using rounded chairs, end tables, or coffee table. While you don’t need to go getting rid of everything with corners, try to remember this for central pieces like the bathroom mirror, the bedroom nightstands, and the coffee table in the living room.

Notice how in the picture the coffee table is not round, but the legs go outward and make the corners seem smoother. This is a perfect example of how, if you’re like me and you prefer straight edges and corners, you can have the best of both worlds.


Art is one of the biggest forms of expression, and the emotions these images are depicting can make you feel accordingly. This being said, try to avoid artwork that is abstract and confusing, sad, lonely, or angry, as these can manifest the same emotions within yourself.

Choose paintings filled with life, joy, prosperity, and wonder so that you feel the same.


Live plants and fresh flowers add life and vitality to any room. They also do an excellent job at cleansing and purifying the air.

Almost any kind of plant you want to use will work to bring you good fortune and and energy. However I would recommend keeping any kind of cactus-like plants outside because the spiky thorns are not good for positive chi energy.

A couple good feng shui plants to choose are bamboo or any kind of fresh flowers. Just be sure to get rid of or replace flowers when they begin to wilt because you don’t want to have anything dead or dying in your home.

A good way around this is to get potted plants or flowers like orchids.  Even when the flowers fall off, new roots, and leaves begin to grow and soon enough a new stem and flower pods.  This healthy cycle of life is an excellent energy to have in your home.