When designing your own space, you want to create something that’s fresh, tasteful, and something that reflects your personality. Here are a few easy ways to bring your own unique style into your place with just a few simple touches.


If you don’t want to put down a crazy amount of money on art you can always buy a book of fine art prints from your favorite artist and cut out and frame a few pages. This is a great way to get fine art without the fine art prices.

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Use Your Hobbies

If your a musician find a good place to leave your music stand, or if you like to paint leave out one of your paintings in progress, and i personally think a properly placed stack of books is always tasteful.


Unique Pieces

Unique can be anything from a rare antique find, to a funky looking piece of modern furniture, but the only real important thing with this is just basically, if it screams YOU then get it, otherwise don’t bother, it’s that simple.



Keep your happy memories close to you. Set up a little memoir station or cabinet, and fill it with souvenirs, post cards, maps and maybe some framed vacation photos. Not only are you surrounding yourself with good times, but you’ll also have one place to put all your memorabilia, and you can start your own collection, which may even motivate you to add to it.


Do It Yourself

This is a great way to give your home just the right personal touch and, if you’re someone who enjoys being a little crafty, this gives you the perfect opportunity to get creative. I have some really cool ideas on the Do It Yourself page that you can check out to get you started or if you need some inspiration.